Police Department – Mission Statement


As members of the Flowery Branch Police Department, we are all charged with the responsibility to serve and protect all persons within the incorporated limits of Flowery Branch; thereby maintaining social order within the prescribed ethical and constitutional limits.

This Department shall enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner by recognizing both the statutory and the judicial limitations of police authority, as well as the constitutional rights of all persons. The Flowery Branch Police Department will provide protection of life and property to all persons by managing and coordinating Departmental resources to ensure that the best possible police services are delivered, as well as develop and maintain an atmosphere wherein citizens are safe from threats of crime or other unlawful acts. Prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal activity will determine the mechanisms used to gather and analyze information relevant to the discovery of criminal activities and to deter and prevent such unlawful acts before they occur. All criminal acts will be thoroughly investigated to ensure the apprehension, arrest, and prosecution of those persons responsible for such acts. This Department will also maintain an inventory and secure all properties, evidence, lost or stolen and recovered property being held by the Flowery Branch Police Department to ensure its availability when needed or claimed. To promote a high rate of proficiency in the officers within this Department, a training program has been designed and maintained to fit their training needs. In order to ensure the integrity and adherence to the professional standards of the Flowery Branch Police Department, the alleged misconduct or misuse of force complaints will be investigated. This Department will also provide for the expeditious movement and control of vehicular traffic, as well as the investigation of traffic accidents. And finally, the Flowery Branch Police Department will provide the necessary resources to assist citizens under special non-criminal circumstances. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the Flowery Branch Police Department has established the following mission statement that reflects the fundamental principles of this Department and should be the cornerstone of each and every member of Flowery Branch Police Department’s policing philosophy:

We vow to protect and serve the City of Flowery Branch through dedication, professionalism, and community-oriented policing by using active cooperation as well as effective, proven standards of excellence with a positive, progressive attitude.